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Bands for various purposes with an excellent price-performance ratio

No matter whether for private or commercial purposes - anyone who needs quality ribbons and other items for textile processing is guaranteed to find what they are looking for in our excellently stocked shop. Do you want webbing in a specific color and thickness or would you like to order self-adhesive Velcro tape in larger quantities for production? We offer you everything you need in this segment.

You have also come to the right place if you, as a bag manufacturer, would like to order seat belt straps in different designs. Of course, we also always have products such as PP webbing and tubular webbing in stock. However, all of our bands have one thing in common: they impress with their great price-performance ratio and unique quality.

Our webbing program at a glance:

PP webbing in various thicknesses

colored seat belt straps

Tubular webbing made of polyamide

tricolor ribbons

Cotton webbing

Paw webbing straps.

Printed ribbon: first choice for hobbyists, tailors and hobby designers

Let our variety of ribbons inspire you for new projects! For example, various printed products with a wide variety of motifs are on offer here. You can find binding for festive gifts and as decoration in our online catalog as well as colorful elastic band or designer woven ribbon, which is ideal for decorating children's textiles and bags. Of course, you are also in the right place in the “Tapes” section if you want to order reflective tape cheaply. Browse through our always varied range of colors and shapes of ribbons, which follows current trends.

Our bag accessories: straps, D-rings, snap hooks and more

Although the focus at Baender24 is on the exceptionally large selection of ribbons, we have now also made a good name for ourselves as a shop for bag accessories. The portfolio in the “belt strap/bag strap” category is very extensive. Five dozen items in different colors and widths are available here.

If you want to try your hand at designing bags, you should definitely take a look at our D-rings and round rings. Carabiner hooks are currently very popular in bag production. They have established themselves as eye-catching accessories and are available from us in numerous designs.

Zippers: Zipper, continuous zipper and fixed lengths

Various zippers are also part of our portfolio. If you would like to design textiles such as jackets or bags yourself, there is hardly any way around these closure parts. At Baender24 you can purchase zippers in a wide variety of colors and formats. And since you don't want to be limited to a fixed length of fastener when designing your own creations, we have a practical five-meter-long continuous zipper in the color of your choice, which you can cut to suit your needs.

Always in stock: polyester cord, rubber cord and key rings

In addition to our wide range of ribbons and bag accessories, you can order various other products in the Baender24 online shop. Items such as polyester cord and rubber cord are among our customers' orders. There are also key rings made of spring steel, which we offer in different designs and diameters. And if you are looking for a magnetic closure, we also have excellent models in the corresponding category.

Creative hobbyists and tinkerers appreciate the advantages of our diverse product range and therefore form an important part of our regular customers. Convince yourself of the advantages of our shop. Enjoy uncomplicated shopping and choose the products you want from the comfort of your own home. If you have any questions about our outstanding range, we will be happy to help you by phone or email.