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Stylefix-Patches - 60 pieces - approx. 30mm diameter Stylefix-Patches - 60 pieces - approx. 30mm...
They have the same characteristics as the popular STYLEFIX-webbing. Due to their size, they simplify the additional application of embroideries or other bigger pieces of fabric. The patches is easily applied after removing the release...
Content 60 piece (€0.10 * / 1 piece)
€5.90 *
HT2 Kleber von Gütermann Textilkleber 30g HT2 Kleber von Gütermann Textilkleber 30g
Gütermann HT 2 Textilkleber. Allzweckkleber für Haushalt und Hobby. Inhalt: 30 g pro Tube mit extra Bedienungsanleitung Gütermann HT 2-Einsatzbereich Haushalt & Hobby Klebt Leder, Papier, Pappe, Holz, Gummi, viele Kunststoffe und vieles...
Content 1 piece
€4.95 *